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(UTECO) Universal Company For Trading, Engineering & Contracting

• UTECO  was established in  2001.

• UTECO is specialized in supplying, supervision and erection of workshop tool, equipment and electro-mechanical contracting.

• UTECO strives to earn the trust  and respect  of the customers by providing them with competitive and premium quality products and services  with a level of support that meet or exceed our customer expectations.

• UTECO had invested in the right people and given them the best training and development to continuously business processes leading to prompt and efficient sales and after sales services.

• UTECO Company’s philosophy is to provide a comprehensive “After Sales Service” to the customers with prompt delivery of products ,  equipment .

• UTECO is equipped with highly trained and skilled staff, which ensure prompt after sales service to our customer all across the country.

 UTECO is the sole source in Egypt for the following partners :-

1- Snap-on tools international LLC


• Snap-on is the Total Solutions Provider:- From the concept of being “The  total Solution Provider” , Snap-on Company  spread  their scope of  tools & equipment manufacturing to cover all the requirements  of customers  in different  scope of industry  such as ,but not limited , hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools , torque wrenches , Diagnostic  equipment ………..etc.

• Snap-on hand tools, power tools and workshop equipment are renowned for their design, quality and safety. They are durable, reliable and strong and represent a sound economic investment. Snap-on programs provide significant benefits in terms of advanced tool control, security, safety, asset management, training and foreign material elimination (FME) support.



PRUFTECHNIK is a leading maintenance technology manufacturer and solution provider. The company offers a broad range of high-quality products, services and training tailored to the needs of maintenance professionals in the areas of:-

* shaft alignment
* vibration analysis, condition monitoring
* and nondestructive testing.

3- Karl Storz

karl storz

Driving NDT Solutions Industrial Endoscopes for Nondestructive Testing

KARL STORZ ND Tec offers quality products for the inspection and maintenance of technical objects and difficult-to-access cavities. The excellent image quality, robustness, and multi functionality of our endoscopes support customers in visual inspection and in the measuring of technical components, systems, and industrial plants.

4- Siva


Siva is the global specialist in Oil & gas, Energy, pulp & paper, utilities and transport infrastructure.

Siva company serves these industries through its activities in the fields of power generation and service contracts and marine. Siva offers its customers a complete range of innovative components, systems and services covering design and supply as well as commissioning and long-term maintenance and has unique expertise in systems integration, and application of advanced technologies. Following the full integration of the activities, Siva today has annual sales in excess of six million Canadian dollars and employs more than 28 people in over 8 countries.


core international

YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR ALL U.S. INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES COMPETITORS TO McMASTER-CARR Core USA is committed to providing value-added services to our customers by creating a successful partnership throughout the procurement process.

6- Aqua mist System

aqua mist

water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by: cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation. displacing oxygen by evaporation.

Typical applications, we see them going into some data centers out there, museums and theaters. Some historic homes have chosen water mist systems to have less water damage, and then large office buildings, so buildings companies are building that for high technology users.

Low pressure 2000 system fires with significantly less water but just as effectively as traditional sprinkler systems. Using high pressure and specialized sprinkler and spray heads, the water is dispersed as small droplets. This remarkably increases the overall surface of the water. Among the advantages of using this system is that it does not affect the nature and quality of products – devices, machinery and operating equipment, the possibility of dealing with different media (fuel – furnaces – flammable liquids – electricity … etc.) Where the fire triangle is dealt with water and it is in its gaseous state, thus avoiding affecting products, equipment and devices. One of the advantages of using this system also compared to other firefighting systems is the economical consumption of the water used in the control (2000-6000 square meters / liter of water, while in other systems it is 2 square meters / liter of water, and thus the losses resulting from the use of water are almost negligible.


UTECO.'s    mission:

1. Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them with competitive prices, on-time deliveries and customized solutions for their needs.
2. Ensuring attentive, effective and pro-active customer service and attention to customers.
3. Continuous building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing competition and diversity of customers.
4. Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer- oriented, dynamic player in the market.
5. Achieving profitable growth, organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics.

UTECO.'s   Vision

1. Service by exceeding customer expectations.
2. Being admired for our business values and ethics.
3. Being the preferred choice for the customers, suppliers and employees.
4. Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing to reach their dreams.

As you get bigger
we get better