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85737 Ismaning, Germany


The beginnings

Dieter Busch founded PRUFTECHNIK as a sales company in 1972, supplying monitoring devices to industrial manufacturing companies. Against a backdrop of significant technical.
advances, the sales program was rapidly expanded and PRUFTECHNIK evolved from a sales company into a business with its own development and production.

1984: Introduction of the first laser shaft alignment system OPTALIGN. A big success with an incredible impact on the evolution of PRUFTECHNIK.
Since then, PRUFTECHNIK has had the undisputed leading position in the market of laser optical alignment systems, condition monitoring & NDT . This competitive advantage has allowed PRUFTECHNIK to become THE worldwide specialist in the ever-growing area of
industrial maintenance.

Why pruftechnik??

Alignment systems:

Single beam technology

The default laser alignment instruments are based on the pruftechnik patented unibeam technology.
That means only one laser beam is required.
The benefits of this unique feature to pruftechnik products are:-
Quick on screen laser adjustment even for grossly misaligned Machines and long distance between the measurement components One laser /reciver head and therefor Only one cable is required for the connection to control unit , which eliminates cable tangling, increases the angular sensitivity.

Condition monitoring :

Why vibxpert Ⅱ and omnitrend sotware?

1-The system can be installed on many computers by only license which allows people to work on the same time.
2- Free update for software and firmware.
3- High storage capacity default 2GB expandable to 8GB.
4-Long battery working hours ( > 8 hours).
5- 102,400 line which give high spectrum resolution.
6- Screen backlight even with intrinsically save instrument.

tO KEEP your machine rotating smoothly