Vibxpert II

Vibration analyzer
Analysis in detail
Characteristic overall values &
process parameters Time waveform
Amplitude/envelope spectrum Cepstrum
Phase, cross-channel phase Orbit
Static shaft position
Runout analysis (shaft vibration)
OMNITREND® can be used to manage machine data, archive results in a database and enables the programming of measurement tasks and routes.
A wide range of evaluation and documentation functions are available. These are described more closely in the OMNITREND®

Bump test
Coast-down/run-up test
Order analysis
Modal analysis
Operating Deflection Shape Analysis (ODS)
Transient capture
Long-term recording
Characteristic frequency markers
Signal post-processing
ISO standards for evaluation

Vibscanner 2

– Fast and comprehensive data collection
– Minimum training required thanks to intuitive graphical user interface
– Minimum time at machine thanks to parallel digital data processing
– Real triaxial data acquisition
– RPM Finder: innovative RPM determination based on signal
– Touch display: shock-proof, high-contrast, glove-enabled



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