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360º Instrumentation Solutions Provider


Siva was created in 1993 and has built an enviable reputation as an Engineering, Supplier and Service provider of process and laboratory instruments over the years. Siva has added a global presence to its customer orientation. Excellent service combined with technically compatible, cost effective solutions and delivers a powerful supply chain solution to meet customer demands. Our relationships with our suppliers are a key strength in allowing us to maintain the high standards of product availability for our customers. The breadth of our product offering means that we are able to provide product solutions to a wide range of customers from all areas of industry. We maintain six branches across the globe, head office and service center in Canada. We are able to offer technical expertise to our customers. Customers can choose from a variety of ways to work with Siva to suit their preferred method of doing business. Our web site, www.sivainc.com, offers over 10,000 products online along with product data and is a powerful tool for any engineer or purchaser. Our business distributes catalogs at no cost to any customer who prefers to use both print and the web.

Services in oil & gas industries

Siva provides engineering, procurement, supply and contracting services dedicated to utilities and process control techniques required by the oil and gas industries. 

Since 1995 Siva has gained a wealth of experience in the oil and gas processing industries. We are active in any kind of industrial instrument & electrical installations for oil & gas processing, from the design and construction of new on-shore or off-shore production or treatment facilities, revamping of oil refining and petrochemical plants, production, transportation and storage of oil & gas (pipelines, terminals, tank farms).
Our company has already been working with more than 500 oil and gas and EPC companies around the world. The in house teams of engineers & designers master the technologies involved in process control and utilities projects:

• Control and safety systems, instrumentation, PLC, DCS, SCADA.
• Electrical power generation and distribution.
• Laboratory and Telecommunication equipment.
• Gas metering station, analysers, metering pump skids, on line blenders, oil depots and loading systems, automation and products movements (like Tank gauging systems for tanks).

Main activities

Siva is the global specialist in Oil & gas, Energy, Pulp & paper, Utilities and transport infrastructure. The company serves these industries through its activities in the fields of power generation and service contracts and marine. Siva offers its customers a complete range of innovative components, systems and services covering design and supply as well as commissioning and long-term maintenance and has unique expertise in systems integration, and application of advanced technologies. 

Following the full integration of the activities, Siva today has annual sales in excess of six million Canadian dollars and employs more than 28 people in over 8 countries.

New plants

Within the scope of its expertise, Siva is capable of taking the responsibility of its equipment engineering, procurement up to commissioning and startup, maintenance and training. Furthermore, this global approach in our domain of expertise allows the identification of a homogeneous and clearly identified part of the work which can be associated with a specific financing arrangement from those in place for the project.
However should the final Client or the general contractor prefer to enquire for some specific tasks of the whole scope of work of the project, we offer this flexibility and we are available to perform these tasks at any stage of the project from equipment specification, procurement, up to erection, commissioning and start-up on site.

Instrumentation and process control

Product quality, productivity and plant flexibility, reliability and safety, environment concerns, are the challenges of the Refining and Petrochemical Industries in the today’s competitive world. Modern Process Control and Information System technologies can provide the key solutions. But as these technologies are rapidly expanding to plant wide control, the complexity and the number of product choices continues to grow. We have developed unique skills for handling the numerous systems from different manufacturers and making them work together on a common operating platform. Systems cover all ranges of possible control and safety applications in the following fields:

• Process control and safety systems.
• DCS architecture and configuration techniques.
• Cutting edge solutions in advanced process control (APC).
• Hot cut-over procedures.
• Ergonomic expertise in control room refurbishment .
• New technologies such as field bus and smart instruments Siva and its Partners support wide range of system hardware and PLC. 

Our excellent long standing relation-ship with respectable third party manufacturers help us to meet our Clients various requirements while remaining independent from hardware manufacturers. Siva acted recently as a system integrator for the Marine ship Ballast tank modernization project in Canada. The monitoring and control systems including PLC, HMI, electrical control system, Logic and field instruments were designed, procured, installed and commissioned by Siva.

Electrical distribution

Continuous availability on electricity is a major concern in an oil refinery. Indeed an electrical shutdown caused by a wrong design of a protection may lead to huge financial losses for the operational company. Siva offer the experience of its teams and manufacturing specialists to provide its clients with the most suitable products for trouble free installation and their operational requirements.


Siva has acquired, within the past 10 years, extensive experience in the design and supplying the electrical, instrumentation and control systems for hydrocarbon field development. This has been achieved on numerous projects for both oil and gas fields throughout the world. Reliability is of paramount importance when operating in an offshore environment, with the stringent conditions and severe constraints imposed by the specificity of this type of work. In an industry which is primarily concerned with process and production quality, production maximisation, production cost minimisation and the improvement of safety, Siva provides a single source of responsibility covering the design and procurement of the electrical, control and instrumentation systems and thereby, a complete engineering systems service in order to meet with the requirements of the offshore industry.
All offshore projects must be engineered from the very outset by taking into account the problems concerning operation and, thereby, the automation which best allows for the optimising of production and safety systems. For this reason, many operators and companies call upon Siva, at the pre planning stage, to assist them in determining a fully integrated system that best suit to their needs. Our capabilities extend from this systems engineering phase through the specification of all instrumentation, valves and electrical equipment and includes also the design and manufacture of wellhead control panels and the supply of all equipment specified. The quality of materials and equipment is of the greatest importance to combat the harsh off-shore environment and, consequently, to reduce maintenance costs. Based on long experience in the industry, participation in site and laboratory tests and a stringent Quality Assurance Programme with suppliers and manufacturers, Siva assures the use of equipment which has proved to be reliable and predictable, easy to maintain, and with the potential to adapt to the development of new concepts. We can supply and assist the customers in following offshore equipment:

• Test Separator Skid with Drum & Flow / Pressure / Temp Instruments.
• Chemical injection Skids (Metering pumps, Tanks, level & Pressure instruments).
• Wellhead pipeline Manifolds.
• Navigation lights.
• CO2 discharge system with Fire & Gas System.

Manufacturers we provide